Catchpenny will spend a majority of their time this year performing for the troops overseas. The Department of Defense Program Directors were so impressed with Catchpenny that they signed them to a one-year contract to perform over 150 shows for the men and women of the armed forces. Something they've never done before.

Catchpenny is fast approaching it's 5th year. In that time, the band has never had a record label, and spent the majority of their time self-managing and booking. They designed their own posters, t-shirts and records. Built their own websites, recorded their records at home and grew their email lists and did things they way they should. And in that time, the band has toured the U.S. and world, playing half a dozen countries, and some of the United States most legendary venues with legendary bands. From Cabo Wabo to the House of Blues in Chicago, the Viper Room to The World's Largest Block Party, Catchpenny has found themselves in positions thought only to be reserved for major acts with major budgets. So how, one may ask, does this happen?